I love noodle and recently found my favorite ramen restaurant. 

Soup is based on chiken and it’s not so richly  flavored  soup but taste is like pork bone soup. I want to know how they make it. 


Torisoba is their basic main menu. Tori means “chiken ” and soba “buckwheat noodle” in Japanese. But this noodle is ramen. The brown one is fried onion. 


Torisoba with soy sauce and shrump

This soup is more like chicken soup + soy sauce. I didn’t feel shrimp though. I’d prefer to have basic Torisoba but tastes great. 


Dipping noodle

Ramen is not only with hot soup but there’s a ramen with cold soup. You can dip ramen in the soup. I love this style in the summer. 
If you have any chance to visit Osaka, please visit εΊ§ιŠ€ (Zagin). There’re a lot of ramen restaurant in Japan too. Enjoy πŸ˜„


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