I just finished a novel “Somebody” by Ryō Asai. This was very interesting and thought-provoking story. 

There are five university students and they are struggling to do job hunting. Nowadays, SNS is important tool for job hunters and Twitter caused friction among them. They looks like getting along with each other but actually they aren’t honest each other and some of them have secret Twitter account and tweet something in their mind. One of them, he keeps failing exams of companies and tweet others’ things. Another one of them, she finally know the his secret Twitter account and there’re a lot of opinions about rest of them and tell him about it. She tells him “I know why you keeps failing exams because you keeps observe people and you don’t make efforts. You can’t be somebody without effort. You’re just waiting for chance but it won’t never knock your door. Whatever people say or insult you, you have to do right things you believe in. ” And, their friendship goes downhill from there. She is right. If he has time judge people, he should what he does.

How easy to broke relashipship?I realized young people must be hard to keep good relashionship with people. SNS is convenient but tiny things might destroy your important things. So we need to be careful when we use it. Telling someone directly might be easier to tell someone directly than SNS because we automatically act acording to reason. This book tells me reality of SNS and younge people. In the book, they confuse if people does something Which isn’t tweeted. I believe people never tweet important things. We can’t wrap it up with only 140 letters. There must be important things except 140 letters. 


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