Money = point 

  Money is important so I don’t want to waste my money. 

How I manage money? I keep my household account with app and I use e-money. 

There’re a lot of credit card companies  and we need to figure out which we have to choose. I choose Rakuten which is Japanese shopping website company. My Rakuten credit card and e-money “Edy” are all together. Let me introduce how I use this and this great functions. 

“Getting point” is at rock bottom. How I save point is 

• Shopping the Rakuten shopping website. 

• Fill out web questionnaire every day. 

• Find a campaign to get points by double,triple even more. 

• Pay fixed costs by the credit card. 

Once I can get points,  the points goes to “Edy” and I can use points at real shopping, like when I go get a free coffee. There’re many places I can use it. Points are used in the shopping website too. So if you have 10$ points, and item’s cost is 20$, you can only pay 10$ because you use points. My life is points life. 

There’re some risks to use credit card but it’s convenient and save money by the points. Find traits of each credit card and choose good one for you. 


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