My summer holiday was over.  This is called “Obon” and during the time, our ancients come back to their home and family. Mostly we are Buddhist but each family has own denomination.  

My family displays lanterns during Obon. The little lightning flowers are lotus flower. Why lotus flower ? In the story of Buddhism, people are born in the lotus flower that’s why we display it too. We can buy real flowers but it’s recently electric flower is famous. 

What I did in my hometown…

1. Meeting up my friends. 

I met four of friends this time. My friend who is forced to do blind dating. My friend who gave birth to baby girl and her daughter extremely looked after her grandpa who was father in law from my friend. My friend who has a trouble with her co-worker. And my friend who is waiting for proposal from her boyfriend. They all made me laugh and we had so much fun 😄

2. Meeting my relatives and cousin. 

This was main reason I went back to my hometown. I was glad to see them and knew they are doing great. They are 5 little kids including my nephew and niece. 

My nephew who turned 3 and is becoming a chatterbox. He didn’t make me sleep till he was satisfied with his talking and woke me up at 6 o’clock in the morning 💤 

3. My husband birthday. 

Aug 14 was my husband’s birthday. I took him an Aquariam and he was very excited to see Dolphins show and I prepared his birthday cake. The cake was hijacked by the 5 little kids. Their eyes became sparkle when they found the cake. They blew out candles before he tried to do that. It was hilarious moment. 

I really hope my mom felt relived to see us. We are doing great and it was safe trip to her way back her world she is living now 💓


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