New technology destroys people?

The other day, I had a English lesson with my teacher Debi about rules of using smart phone. My husband likes playing games by his smartphone. But I banned on playing games at meal time. We could still talk while he played games but he didn’t  look at me and his reaction was unreliable without eye contact so I asked him not to play. 

When Debi went to a Japanese Ramen restaurant in the states, she saw a horrified situation. There was Japanese family, mother, father, and son. What she was horrified about was mother and father were using their smartphones and their son just kept looking at them without conversation until they got their order. It was very sad situation but we are getting used to the situation, too. 

There’s a chat app “LINE” and I am also Line user. I believe most of people in Japan who has smartphone communicate with people by LINE. It’s very convinient but the convenience causes serious problems. 

Now, many junior high school students have their own smartphone and they also talk to friends with LINE. But the  conversation in LINE causes bullying at school. When we don’t talk in person, we might have a big mouth and hurt someone.  It must be a good tool but someone is suffered from this. 

If you live in non-smartphone world, do you become different type of  person? I could say yes to myself. I rely on my smartphone too much and the way of main communication is text message. So I feel like I am getting bad at speaking to people.  If I didn’t use smartphone,I could be more talkative and get a good influence over my personality through real conversation. It’s the same with English speaking lesson. The more I could speak, the more I could be better English speaker. In near future, I also need to practice Japanese speaking lesson over how to communicate with people. 


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