Think it over 

Last post was about friendship after a couple breaks up. 

So, today I am writing about benefit and disadvantage. Two people shared spacial times and well known each other. 

In the situation , a benefit between them is they know each other so it’s comfortable. 

=>I can’t stay with him as a friend because once we started dating, I forget how to act like one of his friends. I know him more than his friends. 

Disadvantage is that they can’t keep continue their friendship because either one will started to have a new girlfriend or a boyfriend. 

=>That’s the hardest part. It’s the time that one of them has to know the reality such a “he’s not mine anymore. ” Maybe if he or she has open mind and they are ready for it, it’s no biggie. Nevertheless, it’s not easy for most of people. 

I couldn’t be friends with my exes. So I don’t know how I handle this issue. When I was over with them, I didn’t want to meet them and actually I met one of them at an ceremony at 20, I sat beside him but I really didn’t know what to say. In stead of meeting them, contacting them, I really wish that their life have kept going well. 

My husband and I met at futsal team and we started dating and ended up getting married. I was wondering what if we broke up and could I still play futsal with him or teammates ? I didn’t know the answer but maybe I’d quit futsal and stay away from everything we shared or I remember him. 

Friendship between man and woman is so complicated, I guess. 

What do you think about this? Could you be friends with your ex?


New idea about romance. 

Yesterday I had BBQ with my colleagues. It was sunny and good day for BBQ.

There were 3 new recruits with us and we talked about how to meet a girl and a boy in private. One of female in new recruits, A, she had a Taiwanese boyfriend but recently they broke up but they still go shopping and have a coffee together. Our boss asked her”how she draw a line between a boyfriend and a friend. “. Other  2 new recruits, female B and male C, they also had the same experience. Their opinion was very unique.

They can’t cut off their loved ones suddenly and it’s possible to continue the relationship as a friend because the loved ones understand themselves very much. So the answer to our boss’s question was “They draw a line even though they meet your previous flames. “

Of course it depends on people and this might not be a generation gap. They also explained about how their college life was like.
In the same circle, there were few ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends. So  a girl was someone’s girlfriend but few weeks later, she became other’s girlfriend and it happened in the circle.

One of A’s previous flames became her best friend’s boyfriend now ! She still get together with them. Is it still awkward?

I didn’t continue relationship with my ex boyfriends as a friend.  Once we broke up, it was all over and I didn’t contact them anymore. That’s how I draw a line.

Anyway they are all ok about it and I got new idea from them 🙂 It’s a learning curve for me✨

Trip to Shirahama,Wakayama Day 2. 

It’s about Day 2. We went to a famous Wakayama ramen restaurant “井出商店(Ide shouten)” for our lunch. When we got there, there was already a long line and we had to wait for our turn for 1 hour.  

 Finally we got the noodle. The soup was pork + soy sauce base and not so heavy. I’d rather a thin noodle though. We waited for long time but ate it up in 15 mins LoL

After the ramen, we visited gelato store where I watched on TV. What special for the gelato….is there are only vegitable gelato. We got Japanese papper chocolate & Pumkin. I love Japanese papper chocolate!! Papper works very much but the sweetness in the chocolate and the spicy papper are good combination.

Store info: Kimonoka(No English info) 

This place isn’t far from 高野山(Mt.Koya) if you can drive a car. 


My trip to Wakayama is all over. Now I am writing this post on my way to work in the morning. 5 days off makes me feel blue. 

Thank you for reading 😄💝

Trip to Shirahama,Wakayama Day 1

It’s 5 days vacation from Sep 18 to Sep 23 in Japan and it’s called “Silver week”. My husband and I decided to visit Shirahama in Wakayama pref. 

Where we went were …Advrnture world, Tole-tole sea market , Shirahama Beach, Engetsu-Island and local Japanese bar for dinner for Day 1. I’d like to focus on Adventure world in this post. 

Adventure world is a place like Zoo , Aquareum and amusement park and the best part of here is watching Panda. There are 7 pandas and it’s rare and they have breeding panda facilities and  had succeeded to breed them very much. There’re 3 zoos in Japan. But Adventure world has overwhelmingly number of pandas. 

Twins pandas. They were sleeping. It was as same as stuffed panda.

Adult panda were unexpectedly violent.

It’s not only panda. There’s also safari area. You can see predator area by free bus tour and you can see other area by walk. I was so excited to see them. They were wild,  cool and beautiful. 


African Elephant. What a big body.


Brown bear has beautiful brown fur. I sent this photo to my 3 year old nephew and he said”I want to play with the bear” I bet he would run away from this big bear.




Giraffe. The face is bumpy.


Panther. Walk tall along our bus.


We also watched Dolphins show and their jump was amazing. You can enjoy a whole day at Adventure world. It’s interesting to see animals and there’re strong bonda between stuff and animals. 

2.Tole-tole sea market. 

Literally, this is a sea market. Shirahama has a lot of fresh fish and fresh local vegitables. 

Cutting up a whole tuna

3. Engetsu island

Photo credit : 南紀白浜観光ガイド. This small island is symbol in Shirahama.


Photo credit : 南紀白浜観光ガイド


4. Dinner at local Japanese bar. 

I totally forgot take a picture at dinner. The restraunt served us Japanese food with local foodstuff. Please refer the following site in English. 

Shunsaidaidokorotomo (旬菜台所 とも) 

To be continue….

Phobia, Shmobia

Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I wrote about my mother who passed away 2 years ago due to Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction and the disease is still incurable. So doctors tried many methods to my mother in the safe way and we didn’t know what’s happening. Each day was battle. So I was stressed from unpredictable stiations and I’ve conquered. She fought over the disease very hard and I’m so proud of my mother. I’m positive the her battle and challenge won’t be wasted. It will help other patients.

Weekend 🎊

Beer 🍻

Balloons at 7 innings is ritual

 Last weekend, I went in a baseball game Hanshin Tigers VS Hiroshima Carp with friends. We were 6 people,  my 3 high school friends and one of the friends husband and my husband and me.  

It was interesting because we didn’t cheer same team. 3 of us cheered Hanshin Tigers and rest of us cheered Hiroshima Carp.  On the way to the studium, there was a miracle. We bumped into  our high school teacher. He lives in my hometown so no way to meet him.  So we decided to have dinner together with him after the game. 

The game was dead heat and it finally went into playoff. The game started at 2pm and it was finished a t around 7pm.  OMG. Our teacher had kept waiting for us. So we left earlier and headed to his place. On our way to his place, someone fell out on the ground in the train so our train stopped and it took us a little longer get there. 

Anyway, we started to catch up on each other and the main conversation was “how to meet a good guy” for two of us who isn’t married yet.  One is looking for a man who is suitable for her and another is thinking of breaking up with her 3 year relationship boyfriend because he doesn’t want to get married now. Their timing is different. That’s happened all the time for everyone. 

Funny thing was that our high school teacher listened to us like our career counsellor he used to be. And a good thing was there were three men so their perspectives were very different from us. Conversation was heated up. 

Then day was a blast. We can’t meet regularly anymore because we’re living in different city. Hope we can get together once an year like this. 

The Young and the Rested

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?
I play futsal twice a month now. 

I used to play soccer and basket ball in elementary school and played soft tennis in junior high and high school. So playing sports were part of myself and I met a lot of good teammates. We cried and laugh together and because soulmate.

So, when I play futsal, it reminds me of feelings I used to have at school days. I met new people from different field and range in age.  They are a barrel of laughs. Now I enjoy the time and I ended up getting married to one of them ;P

That’s the moment I rejuvenate and energize 🙂