Photo credit : foter

Recently Ashley Madison hack is now huge problem. I was just so surprised that many people signed up and they had an affair behind partner’s back. This was not only leaking identification but also security issue. 

I’ve read an article about two women who used Ashley Madson in different ways.

One person searched for her fiancĂ© name in dumped data and there was his account. The moment must have been shocking beyond my expectation.  Eventually the wedding they had been planning was cancelled. The whole experience has been shattering and changed her life completely.  

Another person used the site to have an affair. She signed up but never messaged anyone and closed down. But six months ago,she created another and found someone to talk. They were due to meet but at the moments she called it off. She didn’t want to jeopardize her marriage. Now she has distracted with work for now but she feels stressed if her husband finds out  what she did. 

It’s been two years since I got married to my husband. I am not sure what’s happening in our life but I probably can’t continue life with duplicity and I’d definitely feel it’s unfair that I am hurt by him and waste time with him. And it’d be more shocking if he’s looking for someone on dating site. That’s totally different if she’s his colleague, friends and so on. 

It’s NOT my business about why they had to sign up and NO offense.     I just thought over my life and my family. My husband and I were originally others and the love tries to stay strong but it’s also fragile, depends on condition. 


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