Weekend 🎊

Beer 🍻

Balloons at 7 innings is ritual

 Last weekend, I went in a baseball game Hanshin Tigers VS Hiroshima Carp with friends. We were 6 people,  my 3 high school friends and one of the friends husband and my husband and me.  

It was interesting because we didn’t cheer same team. 3 of us cheered Hanshin Tigers and rest of us cheered Hiroshima Carp.  On the way to the studium, there was a miracle. We bumped into  our high school teacher. He lives in my hometown so no way to meet him.  So we decided to have dinner together with him after the game. 

The game was dead heat and it finally went into playoff. The game started at 2pm and it was finished a t around 7pm.  OMG. Our teacher had kept waiting for us. So we left earlier and headed to his place. On our way to his place, someone fell out on the ground in the train so our train stopped and it took us a little longer get there. 

Anyway, we started to catch up on each other and the main conversation was “how to meet a good guy” for two of us who isn’t married yet.  One is looking for a man who is suitable for her and another is thinking of breaking up with her 3 year relationship boyfriend because he doesn’t want to get married now. Their timing is different. That’s happened all the time for everyone. 

Funny thing was that our high school teacher listened to us like our career counsellor he used to be. And a good thing was there were three men so their perspectives were very different from us. Conversation was heated up. 

Then day was a blast. We can’t meet regularly anymore because we’re living in different city. Hope we can get together once an year like this. 


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