Trip to Shirahama,Wakayama Day 1

It’s 5 days vacation from Sep 18 to Sep 23 in Japan and it’s called “Silver week”. My husband and I decided to visit Shirahama in Wakayama pref. 

Where we went were …Advrnture world, Tole-tole sea market , Shirahama Beach, Engetsu-Island and local Japanese bar for dinner for Day 1. I’d like to focus on Adventure world in this post. 

Adventure world is a place like Zoo , Aquareum and amusement park and the best part of here is watching Panda. There are 7 pandas and it’s rare and they have breeding panda facilities and  had succeeded to breed them very much. There’re 3 zoos in Japan. But Adventure world has overwhelmingly number of pandas. 

Twins pandas. They were sleeping. It was as same as stuffed panda.

Adult panda were unexpectedly violent.

It’s not only panda. There’s also safari area. You can see predator area by free bus tour and you can see other area by walk. I was so excited to see them. They were wild,  cool and beautiful. 


African Elephant. What a big body.


Brown bear has beautiful brown fur. I sent this photo to my 3 year old nephew and he said”I want to play with the bear” I bet he would run away from this big bear.




Giraffe. The face is bumpy.


Panther. Walk tall along our bus.


We also watched Dolphins show and their jump was amazing. You can enjoy a whole day at Adventure world. It’s interesting to see animals and there’re strong bonda between stuff and animals. 

2.Tole-tole sea market. 

Literally, this is a sea market. Shirahama has a lot of fresh fish and fresh local vegitables. 

Cutting up a whole tuna

3. Engetsu island

Photo credit : ε—η΄€η™½ζ΅œθ¦³ε…‰γ‚¬γ‚€γƒ‰. This small island is symbol in Shirahama.


Photo credit : ε—η΄€η™½ζ΅œθ¦³ε…‰γ‚¬γ‚€γƒ‰


4. Dinner at local Japanese bar. 

I totally forgot take a picture at dinner. The restraunt served us Japanese food with local foodstuff. Please refer the following site in English. 

Shunsaidaidokorotomo (ζ—¬θœε°ζ‰€ とも) 

To be continue….


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