Trip to Shirahama,Wakayama Day 2. 

It’s about Day 2. We went to a famous Wakayama ramen restaurant “井出商店(Ide shouten)” for our lunch. When we got there, there was already a long line and we had to wait for our turn for 1 hour.  

 Finally we got the noodle. The soup was pork + soy sauce base and not so heavy. I’d rather a thin noodle though. We waited for long time but ate it up in 15 mins LoL

After the ramen, we visited gelato store where I watched on TV. What special for the gelato….is there are only vegitable gelato. We got Japanese papper chocolate & Pumkin. I love Japanese papper chocolate!! Papper works very much but the sweetness in the chocolate and the spicy papper are good combination.

Store info: Kimonoka(No English info) 

This place isn’t far from 高野山(Mt.Koya) if you can drive a car. 


My trip to Wakayama is all over. Now I am writing this post on my way to work in the morning. 5 days off makes me feel blue. 

Thank you for reading 😄💝


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