New idea about romance. 

Yesterday I had BBQ with my colleagues. It was sunny and good day for BBQ.

There were 3 new recruits with us and we talked about how to meet a girl and a boy in private. One of female in new recruits, A, she had a Taiwanese boyfriend but recently they broke up but they still go shopping and have a coffee together. Our boss asked her”how she draw a line between a boyfriend and a friend. “. Other  2 new recruits, female B and male C, they also had the same experience. Their opinion was very unique.

They can’t cut off their loved ones suddenly and it’s possible to continue the relationship as a friend because the loved ones understand themselves very much. So the answer to our boss’s question was “They draw a line even though they meet your previous flames. “

Of course it depends on people and this might not be a generation gap. They also explained about how their college life was like.
In the same circle, there were few ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends. So  a girl was someone’s girlfriend but few weeks later, she became other’s girlfriend and it happened in the circle.

One of A’s previous flames became her best friend’s boyfriend now ! She still get together with them. Is it still awkward?

I didn’t continue relationship with my ex boyfriends as a friend.  Once we broke up, it was all over and I didn’t contact them anymore. That’s how I draw a line.

Anyway they are all ok about it and I got new idea from them 🙂 It’s a learning curve for me✨


2 thoughts on “New idea about romance. 

  1. Hummmm… I would have a hard time still seem them. Especially if the relationship was intense, then there would be regret that we weren’t sharing our lives in the same way as before. Very difficult that one!! ✨🌺✨


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