Think it over 

Last post was about friendship after a couple breaks up. 

So, today I am writing about benefit and disadvantage. Two people shared spacial times and well known each other. 

In the situation , a benefit between them is they know each other so it’s comfortable. 

=>I can’t stay with him as a friend because once we started dating, I forget how to act like one of his friends. I know him more than his friends. 

Disadvantage is that they can’t keep continue their friendship because either one will started to have a new girlfriend or a boyfriend. 

=>That’s the hardest part. It’s the time that one of them has to know the reality such a “he’s not mine anymore. ” Maybe if he or she has open mind and they are ready for it, it’s no biggie. Nevertheless, it’s not easy for most of people. 

I couldn’t be friends with my exes. So I don’t know how I handle this issue. When I was over with them, I didn’t want to meet them and actually I met one of them at an ceremony at 20, I sat beside him but I really didn’t know what to say. In stead of meeting them, contacting them, I really wish that their life have kept going well. 

My husband and I met at futsal team and we started dating and ended up getting married. I was wondering what if we broke up and could I still play futsal with him or teammates ? I didn’t know the answer but maybe I’d quit futsal and stay away from everything we shared or I remember him. 

Friendship between man and woman is so complicated, I guess. 

What do you think about this? Could you be friends with your ex?


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