Move forward! 

My husband had varicocele surgery and I really appreciate that he took this surgery for changing our future. 
Varicocele is a situation that blood flows back and it turns up temperature around  testicles and kills sperms inside, which means it affects having a baby. Our doctors sais to us “you can choose micro fertalization but varicocele might work out and Natural conception might be possible. ”

So, He decided to take this without asking me. His doctor was very surprised at his answer. Another chance came and let us try out how we handle the issue as spouse. This is not first time to face up to such a issue for us. We might have gone through a lot of things. It was hard but we realized and confirmed what we think and what we are doing. He deserves to be a father and I’m looking forward to the outcome. 

We moved forward 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Move forward! 

  1. Maya! What a warm considerate husband! He’s going to make a great father because his heart is in the right place for his family! So happy surgery came out fine! My warmest thoughts your way!! ✨🌺✨


    • Debi 🙂 Yes, he’s a great husband 🙂 I respect him so much as a person. We live with MIL and she gets me on nerve sometimes but I talked with her before his surgery and only 2 of us had lunch together for the first time. Maybe our relationship also changed for the better🌺

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