Turning point! 

I had hair cut yesterday. During the time, I read fashion magazines and realized I’m turning 30 in January. I’m a fashionista but I’m becoming 30 and my skin and my body are gonna change so I’ve decided that I change my clothes and cosmetics in 2016. 

First of all, I want to change my cosmetics.I haven’t used high brand such Chanel,Lancôme and so on. It must be good but I can’t  keep on buying it due to the price! So it should be more affordable! Now I am looking for a red lipstick. There are many of nice colors in Chanel. I can buy it there for One point makeup! 

Clothes is difficult! I am short so I’d I want to buy it, sometimes I can’t buy it. Many models look nice in the magazine. I wanted to try  every clothes on! 

Well, this is what I thought last weekend. Any tips and suggestions are always welcomed. 


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