Current sushi train 

I had sushi at sushi train restaurant スシロー(Sushiro)🍣.

I’m itchy to go there sometime. It’s because reasonable and there’re other menu too. Recently new IT technology help both the restaurant and customers.   

It’s very important to keep freshness for raw fish! So what their system does is to throw sushi away when it is on a lane more than 350m automatically. Each plate has ic chip so the system know  how long sushi plate on the lane! It’s smart way to manage freshness of sushi! 

You can pick up sushi from the lane, but also order what you want by touch panel.

Just touch and it’s coming and before arriving, it announces “Your order is coming!”. Multiple languages are displayed such English, Chinese, Korean etc. You can enjoy sushi without Japanese! 

There are over 80 items including unique ones here. Can you imagine Bacon sushi ? It wasn’t bad actually.  

What about Coffee. I think this is a great idea that they have coffee. You don’t have to go find a cafe and many people want to have a coffee after lunch or dinner to freshten their months.  

 Eventually I ordered iced cafe latte and a piece of  cheese cake and gateau chocolat set.  
Other good point here is that each table has hot water faucet. So you can make own green tea at your table.  

My husband and I had 17 plates(34 sushi) , one ramen, miso soup , 2 deserts and my cafe latte. Total:2,800 yen(it’s about USD24). 

Hope this info helps your info about Japan and I am living in near Kyoto and Osaka. If you need more information, please let me knows the following contact info. I will answer your questions! Of course it’s free! 


DM me on Twitter @maya_o_0615


2 thoughts on “Current sushi train 

  1. Love sushi train restaurants! Sushiro is one of my regular choices. 🙂 Another good thing is we can make reservation through their official app, so no long wait during busy times. Their sushi lineup isn’t just good but their desserts as well.


    • Thank you for your comment! I like the app system. too and taste is also good. It’s so reasonable and we can enjoy various type of sushi, Noodles,Don-mono! I loved their 天丼 but it was over 😣


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