Open up a Pandora’s box. 

Braveblossoms, Japanese national rugby team played very well and it’s unfortunate that they exited  World Cup before quater semifinal😣 They surprised the world because they won thier opening game over South Africa and other 2 wins in their pool. I didn’t expect the result and I was the one who raise my eyeblow with  a surprise🎉 They made welcomed history,too! Even though they won 3 games in the pool, they failed to go in quarter semi final. That’s the  first time since World Cup started. 

I got a lot of powers from their games and their plays. I felt their passion and it made me cry.They made their style and improved in many ways. Japanese national team, they were 10 foreigner players and they choose to play as Japan. I have gratitude to them. 

Captain in the team wasn’t original Japanese. He was  New Zealander but finally his nationality bacame Japanese. He is fluent both in English and Japanese.  He said at press conference, “Having a good conversation with a referee is important to play rugby. Speaking and understanding English give advantage on controlling  a game  . We could do that this World Cup. ” 

It’s not only playing well, but rugby needs communication with a referee in English. English is another challenge for next World Cup in Japan. Maybe not only for them, it’s also my challenge, too. 

Their training was the toughest one more than others and showed world that they’d changed a lot and changed Japanese view of rugby. I looked over rugby rule before the game against Samoa and I enjoyed the game very much. I was sure. that there were a lot of people who did the same thing. I watched a game Australia and Wales. It was an exciting game,too. Islanders did traditional dance before kicking off. That was manly! 

I can’t wait for the next World Cup in Japan🏉🇯🇵  Braveblossoms were literally and truly Brave! They’re gonna surprise the world again✨


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