Change me! 

I attended my coworker’s wedding party last weekend. So, I got dressed up ! Before that, I checked makeup tips for wedding party and then I found MACnificent me

This is an event by MAC and everyone can apply for it to change yourself. You can see 6 people who tried this event. I was happy to see them because they looked more confident and was proud of themselves. I thought I shouldn’t miss opportunity to show myself. Appearance is important and give people my impression. So, I decided to do different makeup this time.  I used Makeup base and condition my skin tone! I don’t take time when I have work in the morning so my makeup is done in 10mins. But this time it took me 30mins. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of me but my colleagues told me “You are different today! You are stunning. ” I’m so glad at reaction. 

Sometimes I’m afraid of changing and keep staying at comfortable place. But that’s not right 🙂 Change is hard and difficult but there must be reward. 


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