Holiday season ! 

This weekend was cleaning up weekend. 

I got a hair cut and a hair dyeing on Saturday. I’m 29 but I already have several white hairs. It bothers me 😦 This my be heredity from my mom. But now I got vibes. 

On Sunday, I attended community cleaning up! People living in this area got together and cleaning up outside such picking up fallen leaves and gettin rid of weeds. After that, we get a bottle of juice or tea! YEY😄 Do you want to know where money for drinks come from ? My city buys the weeds and the  leaves and pays us money in reward. That’s good system. The more we work hard, the more we get money! It’s also a good chance to converse with neighbors! 

After the community cleaning up, I clearned gutters in my house! It looked “Eww” as always but after that, I feel great!

I worked so hard on cleaning this weekend. This is kind of Japanese practice to celebrate new year for s fresh feeling. So most of us is busy before new year to dump  a waste of things and cleane up including a hair cut. 

Well, on an unrelated to note, I watch a movie “Holiday” every this season. I like the plot and background music.  I love to watch it with a glass of hot wine! 

Most of my readers might be busy for Christmas shopping ! Don’t overdo it 😉



I finally decided to change my cell phone company! I’m an iPhone user and I love it. But monthly cell phone bill killed me. So I kept searching for the best plan for me. There are 3 major cell phone companies in Japan and I used one of them. Thier plans looks same so I started thinking about budged SIM and found a company who has service. 

My previous  plan was 2 year contract with unlimited call and 7 GB data. This plan was package and tactic,too. I paid for it about USD90 every month even though I mainly use Internet and didn’t use call so much so I wanted to cancel unlimited call but it was mandatory to be added in my plan. They didn’t give me discount if I didn’t apply above package. . 

My new plan is 10 GB date plan and call(not unlimited call). It’s so simple. My monthly bill will become less expensive. It’s gonna be less than USD50. I just replaced SIM to other and I can continue to use my iPhone. That’s so cool. I was worried about a service area and LTE speed but there’s no problem! 

I mainly use iPhone for leaning English so 7 GB wasn’t enough. I can save USD40 and probably I am going to use the extra for something good for me. 

It’s time to clean up because 2015 will be over  very soon. I am dumping waste of things now. Cell phone plan was ok now. What’s cellphone or smartphone issue in you county? 

I feel great now 😉

Healing my heart❤️

Today, I went to see an exhibition of Christian Lassen ! 

I didn’t know about him very much but I still remebered his Dolphin’s art I saw in my childhood.  Why I like his works is it’s simple ! Maybe if I saw Picasso’s arts, I’d have many questions to the works and they’d confused me. 

 Lassen, his works are all about ocean. I like his arts using blue but today, I saw works using different colors such orange. He calls it not Orange but Gold. The vividness was very beautiful and light effect changed the color in many way. I can’t buy it for a song but honestly I wanted it. I never expect how I was moved at art but actually, my mother loved arts. I might have received a gene for such her interest. 

These arts I took pictures from ad.  Aren’t they warm and beautiful? 



I love Japanese TV show, which a comedian visits Japanese who lives in overseas. 

Last time, he went to Congo! What I only knew about Congo was it’s African country and became indispent from France. So national language is French.

In the show, he communicated with local people and they looked so elegant in suits. Where this came from? They still admir French culture. SAPEUR stands for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes in Frech and it means “Fasionable, elegant gentleman”. They had the impression to French people during colony.  

After independence, civil war occurred and many people were killed. They were asked to sell suits and had a gun but they refused because they believed that gentleman never had a gun and kill people. Some of them buried their suits under the ground and ran away. Being SAPEUR was a proof of peace for them. 

They don’t get enough salary to buy suits such Christian Dior, Prada, Louis Vitton. But they wear them even though they can’t get by. Many people love to be fasionista but who ever think about proof of piece by fashion?