Healing my heart❤️

Today, I went to see an exhibition of Christian Lassen ! 

I didn’t know about him very much but I still remebered his Dolphin’s art I saw in my childhood.  Why I like his works is it’s simple ! Maybe if I saw Picasso’s arts, I’d have many questions to the works and they’d confused me. 

 Lassen, his works are all about ocean. I like his arts using blue but today, I saw works using different colors such orange. He calls it not Orange but Gold. The vividness was very beautiful and light effect changed the color in many way. I can’t buy it for a song but honestly I wanted it. I never expect how I was moved at art but actually, my mother loved arts. I might have received a gene for such her interest. 

These arts I took pictures from ad.  Aren’t they warm and beautiful? 



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