I finally decided to change my cell phone company! I’m an iPhone user and I love it. But monthly cell phone bill killed me. So I kept searching for the best plan for me. There are 3 major cell phone companies in Japan and I used one of them. Thier plans looks same so I started thinking about budged SIM and found a company who has service. 

My previous  plan was 2 year contract with unlimited call and 7 GB data. This plan was package and tactic,too. I paid for it about USD90 every month even though I mainly use Internet and didn’t use call so much so I wanted to cancel unlimited call but it was mandatory to be added in my plan. They didn’t give me discount if I didn’t apply above package. . 

My new plan is 10 GB date plan and call(not unlimited call). It’s so simple. My monthly bill will become less expensive. It’s gonna be less than USD50. I just replaced SIM to other and I can continue to use my iPhone. That’s so cool. I was worried about a service area and LTE speed but there’s no problem! 

I mainly use iPhone for leaning English so 7 GB wasn’t enough. I can save USD40 and probably I am going to use the extra for something good for me. 

It’s time to clean up because 2015 will be over  very soon. I am dumping waste of things now. Cell phone plan was ok now. What’s cellphone or smartphone issue in you county? 

I feel great now 😉


3 thoughts on “Dump

  1. Wow! Well done! I particularly like the part about dumping to clean up before the end of the year! Excellent intention. Good luck with your insurance! That one takes a lot of bravery in the States! ✨👯👍✨


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