Holiday season ! 

This weekend was cleaning up weekend. 

I got a hair cut and a hair dyeing on Saturday. I’m 29 but I already have several white hairs. It bothers me 😦 This my be heredity from my mom. But now I got vibes. 

On Sunday, I attended community cleaning up! People living in this area got together and cleaning up outside such picking up fallen leaves and gettin rid of weeds. After that, we get a bottle of juice or tea! YEY😄 Do you want to know where money for drinks come from ? My city buys the weeds and the  leaves and pays us money in reward. That’s good system. The more we work hard, the more we get money! It’s also a good chance to converse with neighbors! 

After the community cleaning up, I clearned gutters in my house! It looked “Eww” as always but after that, I feel great!

I worked so hard on cleaning this weekend. This is kind of Japanese practice to celebrate new year for s fresh feeling. So most of us is busy before new year to dump  a waste of things and cleane up including a hair cut. 

Well, on an unrelated to note, I watch a movie “Holiday” every this season. I like the plot and background music.  I love to watch it with a glass of hot wine! 

Most of my readers might be busy for Christmas shopping ! Don’t overdo it 😉


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