It’s practice to make a rice cake (Mochi)before New year! Look this is what my aunt and my gramma made. I got a late start today and I couldn’t help them! Sorry! I love eating Mochin dipped with sugar and soy source. Since I got my hometown, I can relax with lots of nature.

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The last business day of the year. 

Yesterday was the last business day of the year.  I just hoped that I wouldn’t have any problems at work before New year holiday and so far I haven’t got call from my colleagues.

At the last business day, I  had a little treat from my company. My company served me Sushi and fried chicken and etc.  That was more gorgeous than  I expected.

Today, I’m back in my hometown by bullet train. This is high speed train    and the speed is at least 320km/h. That’s pretty fast. I can arrive at my hometown in 3 hours. I already enjoy meeting and talking with  people ! I went to a post office where is my friend’s dad has been running. I bumped into his dad and finally I stayed at his house and talked with his moo, too . I’m glad they are doing well.  It will rock!!!



Merry christmas

It’s emperor’s birthday yeaterday and holiday yey! So, I had Christmas party with my sister’s family. This morning was pretty busy. My husband and I had to buy Christmas presents for our nephew and our niece and needed a cake and chicken. Christmas isn’t for Jusus or family in Japan and it’s for a couple instead. So, Christmas is a huge day for a youge couple. Some men use the day for proposing to their  girlfriends! Since I’ve experienced to live in Canada, I saw real Christmas and people in church and I thought that I shouldn’t understate  Christmas because it’s  one of practice and a big day for Christian. The way Japanese celebrate Christmas is ok but at least I must respect real meaning of Christmas. I love “Happy holiday! ” because the word make people happy and this is for everyone. Happy holiday all🎄🎅☃️🌟


Sushi and Roast beef


Salad and cheese


X’mas cake


Warm you up! 


It’s been cold these days.  Yesterday’s dinner was Nabe! It’s Japanese hot pot dish! This time, Motsunabe which made with beef or pork offal and a lot of vegetables such leek, cabbage, Japanese radish, brawn beech mushroom and so on. After eating them up, I made Zosui which is rice cooked to a watery consistency, so nabe is often reused for Zosui !

Today, I got great news! My Korean friend is coming to Japan! We met school in Canada and became best friends. I haven’t met her husband so I’m very looking forward to meeting him, too.  Few more days to new year holiday.Can’t wait to see people I love 💖


Happy birthday to you🎂

Today is my mother in law’s birthday. I got her her favorite DVD for birthday present and my husband and I gave her one more happy news.

My husband and I have been working on fertility treatment and we tried AIH for 5 times but all failed. Honestly we devastated and felt getting lost and finally we found out new hope. He was diagnosed with varicocele and needed take the procedure. It caused a huge damage to his sparms and even though his genital was normal, hi sparms were killed because of temperature raise. So he had to go through hard time. It was not complicated surgery but I had hard time to see him after that.

This morning, we checked his sperm condition in detail for the first time after the procedur. YEY! It has an astounding  outcome.  The condition is  back to normal and we are no longer take AIH and from next month, will take timing method. He said to me “I was almost crying when the doctor told it. ” Right! This means a lot to me, too.

My mother in law is so happy to hear that. We watched her favorite DVD and eat cake together.

Tonight dinner was potato salad (shaping like a cake, I tried!), Ahiillo and Stir-fried vagitables and meat in starchy sauce!

Happy Birthday to Mother in law 🎉👯🎉


Citron bath♨️

It’s cold tonight❄️ So, my mother-in-law or MIL decided to make citron bath and I imagined below scene. However, there weren’t enough citrons for the bath. Anyway, I prepared citrons.  I had to teach her how to use iPad, so my husband took the bath first. During teaching, she told me with smile “Citrons bath means using a bath additive with  citron-compound not make it with real citrons 🙂 ” Yes right! I was pretty embarrassed LoL



Citron bath makes your body warm and make beautiful skin! If you have a chance taking a bath, try it! Small is good so it has a relaxing effect and it’s easy. Just throw out citrons into your bath and enjoy.