Do you believe it?

The other day, I met a person who can see my guardian god.

Some readers might think of me as a weirdo. But he can see and talk to him or her. Why I insisted it because he hadn’t met my mother but he knew why my mother passed away and her disease. I heard of it last year so I decided to meet him before new year’s coming. 

This time, I asked him following questions. 

  • Who is my present guardian god ? =>> It’s an old female behind me. She used to be a craftsperson, so she was a stickler. She wants to tell me that don’t forget to dwell on details when I decide something important. 
  • It is a profitable change if I take on a sale job. =>> I’m kind of type who feel pressure easier.  So he advised me that do not think about a sale job as a job. Just like taking to people and it’s a great opportunity to change yourself. Get and learn through it ! 
  • Relationship with my mother in law. =>> Surprisingly she’s same type with me. So, she want people to leave her alone ! He said “Don’t give attention to her too much and instead of it, take care of yourself.  “
  • About my husband. =>> He said “do not poke him what you want him to do. Just let him do it and give him a supportive push!”

He totally saw me through ! He knew me very much ! Since I got advices from him, I’m freed from all worries. Now I’m very much looking forward to 2016 😉


2 thoughts on “Do you believe it?

  1. Wow! This is one of your most interesting posts! I never knew there was such a person who could see your guardian god! But the news was good news and now you can move into the new year without worries. 🙂


    • He is not a fortune teller so can’t tell me what’s happening in near future. To give me advices, he talks to my guardian god and see what type of person I am. A guardian God changes each time depends on my situation. Last time my guardian God was Samurai !


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