Not spring yet.

This morning I was very surprised because my tulip’s  already awaken !! Is it little early ? It’s winter here. Probably my tulip misunderstood the timing due to warm winter. From tomorrow, it’s gonna be freezing cold. I hope my tulip won’t sink 😉


My back in my hometown trip is in the pipeline. I ordered crabs for my family. Not every Japanese eats crabs in the New year holiday, though. And I was in the trouble because bullet train seats are full booked and couldn’t book for 2 people for my husband and myself. But finally I could booked! I checked the website as much as I could during breakfast, lunch time and before going bed. I hate non-reserved seat because it’s hell even though less expensive than reserved seat. Well, my crabs and my seats are ready. I’m so excited to see my family and friends.

Today, I just read news about historical election including women in Saudi Arab  for the first time. It must have a great day for women who could vote for the first time and at least 17 women won in the election, too. I’m so touched ! To vote, people need their indetification documents but not many women have it . It’s not easy for women participate election and have identification documents because of cultural separation of wome and men. This must be creating momentum for women in Saudi Arabia.



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