Star Wars🚀

I read some articles on website today ! Sometimes these articles make my day because I think about what if I am in the stories.

  1. Star Wars Train.

So, Star Wars fans are  very excited to watch new Star Wars The Force Awaken! Here’s a cool train decorated with Star Wars cast members in Osaka,Japan. How do you like it?  Japanese train companies often collaborate with manga! There are like a train with Evangelion Astro boy!


Photo credit : Nankai train

2.   A civil code provision.

Japanese married couple must use same surname in official matter and the rule will be upheld. Nation’s highest court declare the rule unconstitutional.Honestly, I had a hope that it would be changed. Because not many countries use this style anymore and we might be adapt the world standard. I am married and my surname is my husband family name. I liked my maiden name and since I’ve got married, somehow I felt losing my identity. I still use my maiden name at workplace. So, my maiden name is in my business card and no one calls me my new family name. Actually I feel great. Some coworkers even don’t know that I’ve married. I am being myself  at work and that’s the only place I feel like that. Some people say that  family must use same family name to get together and prevent separating or divorcing. It’s not wrong but I need more choices about how I live.

3.    A man has been charged with a crime because of marriage proposal.

What he did was shutting down one of biggest and busier freeway (I45) to propose to his girlfriend. It must be huge for those people but his girlfriend was really happy ? He caused troubles to others and even thought she loves the view at the freeway, there is a right place. It’s ok for her to get suspicions about him but their wedding is planned already!



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