Happy birthday to you🎂

Today is my mother in law’s birthday. I got her her favorite DVD for birthday present and my husband and I gave her one more happy news.

My husband and I have been working on fertility treatment and we tried AIH for 5 times but all failed. Honestly we devastated and felt getting lost and finally we found out new hope. He was diagnosed with varicocele and needed take the procedure. It caused a huge damage to his sparms and even though his genital was normal, hi sparms were killed because of temperature raise. So he had to go through hard time. It was not complicated surgery but I had hard time to see him after that.

This morning, we checked his sperm condition in detail for the first time after the procedur. YEY! It has an astounding  outcome.  The condition is  back to normal and we are no longer take AIH and from next month, will take timing method. He said to me “I was almost crying when the doctor told it. ” Right! This means a lot to me, too.

My mother in law is so happy to hear that. We watched her favorite DVD and eat cake together.

Tonight dinner was potato salad (shaping like a cake, I tried!), Ahiillo and Stir-fried vagitables and meat in starchy sauce!

Happy Birthday to Mother in law 🎉👯🎉



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