Loved oneūüíĖ


Jan 22 was my birthday. I turned 30! Yes new capture will begin! I took a half day off and a great time with my husband today. We went to a new place to buy cloth and had dinner at a multinational restaurant . After we got home, he suddenly gave me 11 roses ! The flower language is “Loved one” ! Flower language of rose changes depends on how many roses. 

1 rose -> Fall in love at first sight 
3 roses -> I love you 

7 roses -> Secret love

11 roses -> Loved one 

99 roses -> Forever love 

108 roses -> Marry me

999 roses ->Want to be with you in my next life 

I didn’t know the meaning! He is such a romantist! Appreciate his treat ! I love this man so much. 



Now, I am taking a class about happiness at cousera . Even though it’s a little difficult for me, it works for me. I usually study at Starbucks after work. Today’s topic is chasing superiority. According the class, people is likely to compare with other people and it leads you envy which is a happiness killer. When we compare with other people, we use materialistic  dimension and it lowers happiness levels. Why we use materialistic dimension is because we want to approve who we are and what point we are standing. 
When we chase superiority , we become more self-centered and we end up care less for others.Because of this ,others naturally care less for us.

That’s naturally what I do usually and it’s difficult not to chase superiority. Envy is one of emotions. I didn’t know it brings unhappiness and it makes us separating from other people. 

I think I can’t stop chasing superiority by instinct and but I might can try to get rid of it a little to stay calm. 

How do you think of above ? Do you think superiority helps lowering happiness level? 

Life hacker

This week was hard ! It wasn’t  only about personal things, but entertainment  also made waves! A Japanese male musician had a love affair with a Japanese actress. 

I like the both people and  I’m married so I was thinking about how his wife felt. Needless to say, it’s heartbreaking. There was no scandal for the actress in her career and this is the first! Her impression is gonna change! She hadn’t known he’s being married and after becoming a serious relationship,he told her about it. However, it couldn’t bring her back to reality. 

At her press conference, she came clean about visiting his parents house during New Year Holiday but she said “we’re friends.” No way, that’s huge visiting parents during New Year Holiday. It’s family time. How come they could do that? Because his parents didn’t know he’d got married to his wife. It’s jutt WOW. He kept secret to being married to his parents so, the actress is his girlfriend and they thought their son took his girlfriend to their house.  

As a wife, I have a question. Why his wife could get married to him without meeting his parents?  It should be done  before getting married because two people become family. His wife should had questioned his attitude toward thier marriage. I can see superiority between them and it won’t last….that what I am expecting. It’s a tough issue for others, too. 

Use your imagination 

Do you remember  the post about shopwindows around Christmas  at a department store ?
Those windows are seasonable and you can feel ongoing or incoming events. 

What’s happening in the shopwindows now?  Valentine’s Day is coming next. That’s the day that women send chocolates to their loved ones in Japan and On White Day, Mar 14,  men send somethings back their loved ones. So it’s different with actual Valentine’s Day. I keep telling my husband what’s the day for! Today, I took him to Kate Spade and introduce my favorite bag to him. Is it sent to me on Valentin’s Day? 

Please take a look following shopwindows.  Those shopwindows  show us how cacao becomes chocolate. 

1.Get cacao  2.  Shop cacao out to factory

 3. Cacao arrives  at factory

4. Make chocolate 

  5. Making chocolate 

 6.Wrapping and waiting for the buyers.   

 7. For who? and who is your loved one?

I’m not sure this explanation is right. But it’s fun to think about it! Let’s get a kick out of using imagination !

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I have one thing I can’t forget. When I was 14, I sent a chocolate to my favorite boy in the class and we were just friends. On White Day, my friend came to my house and got me a present from him!! OMG, it was G-chock! I didn’t use a watch and it was expensive. My friend said “His family is rich and it’s usual for him.” No way! My chocolate was USD5.00!! How come it became G-shock in return? I hid it because my parents would have asked me something. That’s a little bitter memory about Valentine’s Day for me. 


Like I wrote about a test ride in a new car, my husband and I did it. This car is too popular so we couldn’t get a chance to do it.image

It’s Sienta by TOYOTA. We were looking for a car for 7 people because of starting to have kids. My husband loves Toyota so, our choice is a car from TOYOTA. So, let’s ride on ! Compared to the present car, every things are different.

1. No key to drive. There is a button instead.

2. Emergency brake is under foot.

3.  Auto-brake system.

4. Alert if a car stray onto the opposite lane.

5. Very silent. Engine sound is none .

It was fun to drive it and we got a ballpark figure . WOW! That was beyond our expectation and decided to chop options that we can gave up and haggled hard ! It went well and it wasn’t all right but it’s still decent ¬†and we bought the car!!!!! My husband decided it in a New York minute. There is no money to burn to us! Are you Ok with the quick decision ? I was a little worried about him because he is always sober! Anyway, we will get the new car soon. My mother in law, she is an inexperienced driver but now she’s motivated to learn how to drive again! ¬†It’s good for her! I’m looking for the day we get the new car.


A little by little

Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a ball in the weekend.

Coming Monday is holiday in Japan, which is the coming-day-of-age Day of celebration. So, Age of 20 girls wear Kimono and Age of 20 boys wear Hakama or suits and attend a ceremony. From age of 20, they are taken as an adult. I wore my mom’s Kimono ;). It’s been one of memorable day for me.

This week was a first week after New Year’s holiday. But I’m already back on my truck ! ¬†Most of colleagues went to anywhere and there are a lot of souvenirs and most of them are sweets and it’s been making me happy recently.

On Wednesday day, I met my best friend after work and had dinner together. We absolutely chew the fat and caught up on each other.She started dating with a guy who works for ¬†a convenience store as a contract stuff. I thought that he is taking care of her very much and I was relieved, however , she has a difficult time now because she can’t tell her mom about him because of his unstable job. It might not so important for her but she knows about mom’s reaction. Probably my mom would have done the same reaction. She didn’t want to break the news to her mom that he isn’t so motivated to work. This might be bite the bullet for her. If he’s serious about their future, he might look for a stable job. Honestly, love can’t last forever without money and respect each other. If I faced ecomic crisis between me and my husband after have a kid, I’d be panicked. I didn’t tell her that I encouraged her to devote times to find other man. I had no spine to get down to the nitty-gritty this time. It’s been 3 months since they started dating and I want to give him a change.

Anyway, I did DIY on Saturday for the first time. Look at the shed we made ! This had parts and we just built up but it took us 2 hours! I found myself loving DIY. After finishing this, I had cocoa ! It was the best!  Finally things will be out of this house , which are just  collection dust!


Today, I got together ¬†with my sister. It’s was fun to talk with her as usual. She didn’t go back to hometown so, I updated her data about our neighbors in my hometown. She also told about her son and her daughter. Now it’s time being terrible 2 and horsing around. Parents must be tired but it’s worth it !

Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to ¬†Toyota and have a test ride a car we’re thinking of buying. ¬†I’m looking forward to driving it!!




A Happy New Year

I wish you a happy new year. May your 2016 bring you and your family more happiness.

I enjoyed staying in my hometown and my family took me like a princess. Needless to say, I became like a pigūüź∑

Anyway, let’s me write about how I spent during New Year holidays.

On Dec 30, ¬†I met my high school friends and teacher ¬†including my husband. Some of them brought their kids and in conversation, we talked about buying a house, works, kids etc. We’ve grown up!

On Dec 31, It was last day of 2015. My family and relatives got together at dinner . There are a lofs of food on the tables! My all family are doing well except my grandma. She’s suffering from cancer but it’s still searly stage and she’s undergoing an endoscopic procedure soon.Her doctor was my mom’s doctor and he’s a whiz! A problem is that she didn’t tell anymore that she has cancer. My aunt is living with her so pissed her off. I really hope everything is going well.

On Jan 1, I ate mochi for the breakfast and I was full. And I checked New year greeting ¬†postcards (it’s like a Christmas card. Receiving the postcard makes me happy but making the postcard is troublesome. Most of people ¬†who have kids use their kids photo for the postcard. However , gradually people stop making the postcard and use SNS instead. ¬†At night, I gave New Year’s gift money to my relative’s kids.

There were 5 kids and my nephew and my niece so, it’s 7 kids. I have to have a kid earlier. I feel like spreading my money every year.

On Jan 2, it was the day I was back to my place. I really missed my family ¬†and my friends. Things in my hometown are always special ūüėČ I really appreciate my parents who raised me and my sis over there.

Can’t wait to go back to my hometown again !