A Happy New Year

I wish you a happy new year. May your 2016 bring you and your family more happiness.

I enjoyed staying in my hometown and my family took me like a princess. Needless to say, I became like a pig🐷

Anyway, let’s me write about how I spent during New Year holidays.

On Dec 30,  I met my high school friends and teacher  including my husband. Some of them brought their kids and in conversation, we talked about buying a house, works, kids etc. We’ve grown up!

On Dec 31, It was last day of 2015. My family and relatives got together at dinner . There are a lofs of food on the tables! My all family are doing well except my grandma. She’s suffering from cancer but it’s still searly stage and she’s undergoing an endoscopic procedure soon.Her doctor was my mom’s doctor and he’s a whiz! A problem is that she didn’t tell anymore that she has cancer. My aunt is living with her so pissed her off. I really hope everything is going well.

On Jan 1, I ate mochi for the breakfast and I was full. And I checked New year greeting  postcards (it’s like a Christmas card. Receiving the postcard makes me happy but making the postcard is troublesome. Most of people  who have kids use their kids photo for the postcard. However , gradually people stop making the postcard and use SNS instead.  At night, I gave New Year’s gift money to my relative’s kids.

There were 5 kids and my nephew and my niece so, it’s 7 kids. I have to have a kid earlier. I feel like spreading my money every year.

On Jan 2, it was the day I was back to my place. I really missed my family  and my friends. Things in my hometown are always special 😉 I really appreciate my parents who raised me and my sis over there.

Can’t wait to go back to my hometown again !


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