A little by little

Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a ball in the weekend.

Coming Monday is holiday in Japan, which is the coming-day-of-age Day of celebration. So, Age of 20 girls wear Kimono and Age of 20 boys wear Hakama or suits and attend a ceremony. From age of 20, they are taken as an adult. I wore my mom’s Kimono ;). It’s been one of memorable day for me.

This week was a first week after New Year’s holiday. But I’m already back on my truck !  Most of colleagues went to anywhere and there are a lot of souvenirs and most of them are sweets and it’s been making me happy recently.

On Wednesday day, I met my best friend after work and had dinner together. We absolutely chew the fat and caught up on each other.She started dating with a guy who works for  a convenience store as a contract stuff. I thought that he is taking care of her very much and I was relieved, however , she has a difficult time now because she can’t tell her mom about him because of his unstable job. It might not so important for her but she knows about mom’s reaction. Probably my mom would have done the same reaction. She didn’t want to break the news to her mom that he isn’t so motivated to work. This might be bite the bullet for her. If he’s serious about their future, he might look for a stable job. Honestly, love can’t last forever without money and respect each other. If I faced ecomic crisis between me and my husband after have a kid, I’d be panicked. I didn’t tell her that I encouraged her to devote times to find other man. I had no spine to get down to the nitty-gritty this time. It’s been 3 months since they started dating and I want to give him a change.

Anyway, I did DIY on Saturday for the first time. Look at the shed we made ! This had parts and we just built up but it took us 2 hours! I found myself loving DIY. After finishing this, I had cocoa ! It was the best!  Finally things will be out of this house , which are just  collection dust!


Today, I got together  with my sister. It’s was fun to talk with her as usual. She didn’t go back to hometown so, I updated her data about our neighbors in my hometown. She also told about her son and her daughter. Now it’s time being terrible 2 and horsing around. Parents must be tired but it’s worth it !

Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to  Toyota and have a test ride a car we’re thinking of buying.  I’m looking forward to driving it!!




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