Like I wrote about a test ride in a new car, my husband and I did it. This car is too popular so we couldn’t get a chance to do it.image

It’s Sienta by TOYOTA. We were looking for a car for 7 people because of starting to have kids. My husband loves Toyota so, our choice is a car from TOYOTA. So, let’s ride on ! Compared to the present car, every things are different.

1. No key to drive. There is a button instead.

2. Emergency brake is under foot.

3.  Auto-brake system.

4. Alert if a car stray onto the opposite lane.

5. Very silent. Engine sound is none .

It was fun to drive it and we got a ballpark figure . WOW! That was beyond our expectation and decided to chop options that we can gave up and haggled hard ! It went well and it wasn’t all right but it’s still decent  and we bought the car!!!!! My husband decided it in a New York minute. There is no money to burn to us! Are you Ok with the quick decision ? I was a little worried about him because he is always sober! Anyway, we will get the new car soon. My mother in law, she is an inexperienced driver but now she’s motivated to learn how to drive again!  It’s good for her! I’m looking for the day we get the new car.



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