Use your imagination 

Do you remember  the post about shopwindows around Christmas  at a department store ?
Those windows are seasonable and you can feel ongoing or incoming events. 

What’s happening in the shopwindows now?  Valentine’s Day is coming next. That’s the day that women send chocolates to their loved ones in Japan and On White Day, Mar 14,  men send somethings back their loved ones. So it’s different with actual Valentine’s Day. I keep telling my husband what’s the day for! Today, I took him to Kate Spade and introduce my favorite bag to him. Is it sent to me on Valentin’s Day? 

Please take a look following shopwindows.  Those shopwindows  show us how cacao becomes chocolate. 

1.Get cacao  2.  Shop cacao out to factory

 3. Cacao arrives  at factory

4. Make chocolate 

  5. Making chocolate 

 6.Wrapping and waiting for the buyers.   

 7. For who? and who is your loved one?

I’m not sure this explanation is right. But it’s fun to think about it! Let’s get a kick out of using imagination !

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I have one thing I can’t forget. When I was 14, I sent a chocolate to my favorite boy in the class and we were just friends. On White Day, my friend came to my house and got me a present from him!! OMG, it was G-chock! I didn’t use a watch and it was expensive. My friend said “His family is rich and it’s usual for him.” No way! My chocolate was USD5.00!! How come it became G-shock in return? I hid it because my parents would have asked me something. That’s a little bitter memory about Valentine’s Day for me. 


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