Life hacker

This week was hard ! It wasn’t  only about personal things, but entertainment  also made waves! A Japanese male musician had a love affair with a Japanese actress. 

I like the both people and  I’m married so I was thinking about how his wife felt. Needless to say, it’s heartbreaking. There was no scandal for the actress in her career and this is the first! Her impression is gonna change! She hadn’t known he’s being married and after becoming a serious relationship,he told her about it. However, it couldn’t bring her back to reality. 

At her press conference, she came clean about visiting his parents house during New Year Holiday but she said “we’re friends.” No way, that’s huge visiting parents during New Year Holiday. It’s family time. How come they could do that? Because his parents didn’t know he’d got married to his wife. It’s jutt WOW. He kept secret to being married to his parents so, the actress is his girlfriend and they thought their son took his girlfriend to their house.  

As a wife, I have a question. Why his wife could get married to him without meeting his parents?  It should be done  before getting married because two people become family. His wife should had questioned his attitude toward thier marriage. I can see superiority between them and it won’t last….that what I am expecting. It’s a tough issue for others, too. 


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