Now, I am taking a class about happiness at cousera . Even though it’s a little difficult for me, it works for me. I usually study at Starbucks after work. Today’s topic is chasing superiority. According the class, people is likely to compare with other people and it leads you envy which is a happiness killer. When we compare with other people, we use materialistic  dimension and it lowers happiness levels. Why we use materialistic dimension is because we want to approve who we are and what point we are standing. 
When we chase superiority , we become more self-centered and we end up care less for others.Because of this ,others naturally care less for us.

That’s naturally what I do usually and it’s difficult not to chase superiority. Envy is one of emotions. I didn’t know it brings unhappiness and it makes us separating from other people. 

I think I can’t stop chasing superiority by instinct and but I might can try to get rid of it a little to stay calm. 

How do you think of above ? Do you think superiority helps lowering happiness level? 

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