I’ve got new wallet yesterday finally. I went a store the other day but all of the wallet I wanted were out of stock! Yesterday, I took a half day off because of having too much free time by Chinese New Year! And I met the wallet๐Ÿ’“ I went to a different store and they still had stock!  

Brand :ATAO made in KOBE


Concept : As flat as it can be! There’s no zipper at coin space !


ATAO is sister company with IANNE from Paris. IANNE also have gorgeous bags and wallets! ATAO is from KOBE. It’s famous for KOBE beef  but not only beef but also there’re many specialists for making wallet.  

I choose a wallet with lace. It looks elegant and girly! I totally fell in love with this โค๏ธ


2 thoughts on “Finally!ย 

  1. Maya you did it!! You didn’t wait for 3months for a wallet to be special ordered and this one is beautiful! This means the new year will be very auspicious indeed! Congratulations!! โœจ๐Ÿ’โœจ


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