Happy Wedding 💖👯💖

Today, I attended friend’s wedding with my husband. Our friend is futsal teammate and he’d been wanting to get married and finally he met his wife!! I’m so happy for him. My wedding day was flash backed, too. Preparing for wedding was long and we argued a lot of times. Eventually , it went well but  I never wanted to have own wedding ceremony to entertain people again because of too much stress! However, attending other’s wedding is very fun and make me happy. 

In the speech , I’ve got to know two things .

1. Things that you think to take it granted is actually not easy ones. Do Not forget have a gratitude each other. 

2. Wife and husband have to support each other and try to make happy things double and make bad or sad things 1/2. 

Right ! I think I forgot gratitude for my family. I can work overtime it’s because my mother in law cook for us.I’ve been taking a class at cousera and almost everyday, I stopp by Starbucks and study for an hour after work.  My husband is the best partner and supportive. I’ll be in charge of  sales at work from April.  I know it’s a little risky because we are working on fertility treatment. I have an appointment with my doctor every month but I will have an appointment with my customer. I think I try to catch both career and becoming a mother. I know I should focus on fertility treatment but it’s an uncertain thing  and I decided to try both at the same time!!! I just don’t want to regret what I do. He can see throught me. 

This wedding made me think of my family and I really appreciate the bride and the bloom. 



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