I’m working on happiness class at  cousera. It’s a month course and it’s fun! Understanding the academic contents in English isn’t easy for me, but I really want to finish it up !! Dr.Raj gives me good examples to understand the contents !

Latest class was about eat, move and sleep. Everyone knows these three are important to have healthy life but actually it’s related to healthy relationship. Let me introduce what we have to care about in daily life. 


  • Sugar increases the chance of getting cancer. 
  • One candy becomes one cancer cell.

I often go to Starbucks and sometime I put sugar into my coffee and I have a candy, too. I believe every woman needs sweets and  it’s about biological need. However  I was very shocked to know it. 

 πŸ‹Move πŸ‹

  • Every hour that you spend idly sitting in front of TV after the aga off 25 reduces life-expectancy by 22 minutes. 
  • Sitting for more than 6 hours  per day, greatly the chance of premature death.
  • Sitting is just as bad as smoking when it comes to heart disease. 

 I am an office worker and siting more than 6 hours is usual.  The time is making money and my daily routine increases the chance of premature death. I don’t often watch TV but I use iPad and iPhone to study or blog.  I don’t smoke but sitting for long hours like smoking habit.  

πŸ’€Sleep πŸ’€

  • Less than seven hours of good quality sleep is bad sleep. 

  What happens with the bad sleep …..

  1. You look less attractive. 
  2. You are likely to make worse decision. 
  3. Your immune system is likely to suffer. 
  4. You are less likely to be satisfied with your job when sleep deprived.  
  5. Being sleep deprived is equivalent of being drunk on the road.

I definitely need more sleep to not being sleep deprived ! Sometimes I might look horrible at work and make worse decision. This it right. Sleep is need for beauty. 

There is called “Attention Deficit Traits” (ADT), which is feeling that your life is out of control and our plate is too full. You can’t handle the challenge  and the obligations that you’ve taken on. 

To avoid ADT. ..

  1. Eat from smaller plates or bowls.
  2. Eat from plates  that aren’t with in color. 
  3. Carry healthy snack. 
  4. Start eat with healthy food. 
  5. Use devices/app that help track your steps. 
  6. Remind your self to move more regularly at work.
  7. Exercising in the morning. , 
  8. Ensure that there is white noise in the background to sleep. 
  9. Prevent stress from ruining your sleep. 
  10. Minimize artificial sources of light in your bed room. 

Regarding Eating,  It’s not good to eat full so, eat from smaller plates and if you are hungry at work,have health snack and do not to keep sitting. Your can walk to a printer back and forth. Let’s have a good sleep at your bed room. 

I don’t know how much I can change my daily life but I’m trying to change from my small thing especially eating. authentic Japanese food needs sugar! But not much now. 

I have 2 more weeks to finish this course  and I am on track. Hang in there!!   


One thought on “Eat,Move,sleep

  1. I think it’s awesome that you challenge yourself by taking a course in English. Not only does it open your world to another subject but to a new perspective! Happiness and sugar! Who would have thought?? Thanks for sharing!! It’s a great article!! βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨


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