3 years 

It’s been 3 years since my mom passed away on APR 22. Every year I buy her flowers and this year….

She loved gardening , flower art and flower arrangement. I’m sure she loved this 💖

I’m pregnant now and learning about a baby and being a parent. Today, I’ve read an ariticle about China. About 1000 Chinese parents who lost thier only child have staged a demonstration in Beijing. They said they will have no one to look after them because they were forced to follow the country’s one-child policy. They feel  it’s unfair they had to obey a policy the government decided to scrap earlier this year after more than three decades.

Wow, kids in China might come under pressure from their parents. My mother wanted me to live my own life without regret. She didn’t want to look after by me and my sister and even though she became serious illness,she didn’t ask me come back to her. This story is very new to me. Probably this is too ethnic. How do you think ?



One thought on “3 years 

  1. Dear Maya,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a parent even if it was three years ago never gets easier. The loss is always painful and profound. Sending you light and much love 💖! Deborah


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