Happy Mother’s DayπŸ’–βœ¨πŸ’–

My mother has passed away already,so my sister and I can’t celebrate the day directly, but she’s alwas in our mind and this Mother’s Day is very special for two reasons. 

Reason 1. I’m pregnant and I feel so happy because I am a part of the day πŸ™‚

Reason2.This is main reason.  Our parents’ house became ours. We have father and right after our mother passed away, we found out that he started dating with my mother’s friend from high school. He’s been knowing her because he also went to same school.  I knew something was going on. My sister and I gave him two options, Breaking up with his girlfriend or If he can’t , give us the house and completely refuse to contact us from here or out. He didn’t break up with her and that’s his decision. We’ve got advancement from him and cleaned up the house to rent it to my friend’s family. We’d  fought for my mother for two years  because she loved the house and left her living proof. My sister displays “deed to property” besides mother’s picture. These two years were terrible, however I knew how I was lucky to have supportive people. My grandma, my aunt’s family and my mother’s friends, they all supported us.  My aunt treats us as her daughters. My mother’s friends, they were furious about this situation and decided to stay away from  my father and his girlfriend. She was loved by everyone. I’m still 30 and it’s too young to go through this issue myself. I have a gratitude for them very much. 

I was back in hometown for four days. Most of days were cleaning our house. We had turban shells at lunch πŸ˜‰ and had an accident, too. At parking lot, our car got dent by other’s car. It was ok and no one got hurt. I was so surprised.  


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