Struggle means striving to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty. Regarding building a romance relationship , can you struggle to make it?

This is a real story about my friend. She is a charming woman and we’ve been friends from high school. Since we left hometown , we’ve been always together. So, we both know about past relationships. I’ve got married first. Now she’s working on marriage hunting. She has a boyfriend now but it doesn’t work and it seems hard for her to stay with him. Main reason is about his job. His job is temp at a convenience store for 10 years. He likes his life and it’s ok if he doesn’t have a girlfriend who really want to marry. My friend and he already talked about thier future. His answer is “Thinkning about marriage a couple years later. ” and he didn’t talk about his job. He satiates what he does.

I’m wondering that she needs to struggle to stay with him and change his mind? There isn’t chemistry between them and it’s just so hard for her without benefit. I want her to stop  struggling to do husband hanting and enjoy the atmosphere. Wearing wedding dress is not a goal and after wedding day, her new life begins. How she and her husband live together is important.


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