Empty sounds lonely and hopeless to me. I can imagine negative feelings.

Everyone has problems in own life and sometimes people can’t unveil it to other. Most of people fight with it everyday.

To live with conform, people really need to empty their mind and reset briefly and back to the reality. Having on-off switch make people feel better.


5 thoughts on “Empty

  1. That’s sooo true about having an on off switch to help you get through the day! Our goal in the west is to live an authentic life, which means you don’t have to conform. But each culture is different…✨🌺✨

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    • Loving an authentic life is amazing !! We should be honest about how we live. I can’t conform every custom n practice. Maybe I’m not so authentic Japanese. That’s why Japanese way is rigid to me sometimes. I assume that my family in law including my husband is totally opposite type with me lol. This matter might not be solved by on off switch button….

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  2. This is brief but lovely take on the idea of emptiness. Sometimes you do have to switch off as you mentioned, to get through the day or not let your wild thoughts run like crazy. haha.

    I wrote about the half empty half full debate for todays prompt. Would love for you to check it out. I tried to go for a little humour. Not sure if it worked.


    Cheers 🙂 Hope you’re well.


    • Thank you for sharing your post, Fyza 😉 I agree with your idea that the glass is half full !!! How you see things and people are very important to enrich your life. I’m half optimist and half pessimist.
      I really want to change myself a little more optimist👍


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