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I’ve had some points to voyage in my life so far.

1. When I left my hometown.

I remembered I was very exited to start living in a big city and started living alone was a good experience. I was a girl-next-door type and suddenly life has changed and it was so sparkle.  Trains run in my hometown by 8pm. School rules were stricted. When I was in high school,  we were bunned to go to Karaoke with friends and I did lines due to relaxed hair, etc. I still don’t get school rules. That’s why my new life was amazing.

2. When I decided to live in Canada.

After college, I worked for 2 years in logistics field, but I couldn’t give up living overseas. So, I took working holiday visa and moved to Toronto, Canada. The visa was valied for only 1 year,  so I really needed to map out plans over there. Firstly, I went to language school to learn English and I also took a barista course and learned  how to make coffee, Latte and so on. After 3 months school,  I started to work at a coffee shop. I dropped in for an unannounced visit to many places to hand out my résumé. Eventually, I wasn’t scared to communicate with people in English and made friends and good coworkers. It was perfect an year.

3. When I got married to my husband.

We’ve got married 3 years ago. He’s been a wonderful husband. During 3 years, we’ve gone through fertility treatment and family issue. It never be easy to deal with them.  We are great but people in our family had problems and it wiped us out. As result, we won out and will be parents coming October. It’s still long way to go but We are looking forward to seeing a baby  and new life with a kid.

Life is unexpected all the time. That’s why it’s fun and to enrich your life  and move you one step further on.



5 thoughts on “Voyage

  1. So sweet how you have painted your life journey, which has just begun! All the best! I am sure you are going to live a wonderful happy serene life.


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