Write a new post in response to Deprive !

Having peaceful mind is difficult by this stressful society. Work makes us busier than some years ago due to developed IT. Quick reaction to customers is the best ! We can’t leave smartphone of work when we are off duty .

I am concerned about SNS,too. Some people always care about other’s reaction on Facebook, Insagram, tweeter and etc. Sometimes that hurts us and we are in trouble because self-inflicted wound. I am the one who care about people’s reaction on Wardpress because I’m worried about my English and I want to know how much people understand my post.

People is likely to feel to be judged by other and it deprives us of peaceful mind including me.

Now I’m reading a book about Buddhism. In the book, we become delusional and judge people, so naturally we think about ideas that won’t be happened. Literally this is ridiculous but I do everyday. Once I read the part, I started to practice not to listening to voice in my head and if I do it, I label the emotion and think about where it comes from. By the practice, my mind is calmer than before.

SNS and IT are great evolutions. Let’s treat them well and enjoy yourself using them 🙂

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