Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt Fence.

Regarding Fence, I remember one photo my friend showed me. It was a photo of US and Mexico border where has bars.  My Japanese friend is living in Mexico and he said “It’s so close to San Diego, however, life here and the bars on the other side are way different to some people in Mexico. ” 

Not only Mexican, but I heard a lot of people from central and south America want to live in the US and try to cross the borders. It must be hard and there are a lot of hard things ahead. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try to them to change there life and for their kids and grandkids. 

The other day, I watched a valedictorian speech in the US and she revealed that she is undocumented. Her family has kept trying to get citizenship but it haven’t done well. She made an effort on her study and still might feel scared to be deported, too. I really don’t know how American treat her, but I wish her all the best for her bright future. 

I am living in Island country, so a foreign country is always far from here. Not many Japanese try to move out of Japan. I have to have gratitude for my country and my situation. 


4 thoughts on “ Fence

  1. I very much appreciated this reflection. It’s so important to take time out and think about what we have–not just what we want-in order to be satisfied with our own lives. Things we take for granted such as our citizenship can be a more complex situation for others. Have a fabulous day Maya and thanks for sharing!! ✨🌺✨


    • Thank you for reading !! Right, it’s great to think about what you have ! I believe everyone is given a path they can go through. So, whatever happens, we need to understand and accept it 💖

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