Trip to Kobe (Part 2)

After breakfast, we went to Kitano where many foreigners used to live in. 40 historical houses still remains and they are designated as protected building. 

Starbucks is very cute.

This house was renovated to the hotel. This is one of famous hotels.

This is Ben’s house. Ben was british who loved hunting.

One a defect in this area is sloping road. It was hard for a maternity and it’s so inconvenient to live there even thought beautiful area. 
It still many foreigners live there. There are Muslim mosque, Church and synagogue. I went to there on Sunday so many people visited church. I heard several foreign languages and it’s multiple cultures. 

After experiencing multiple cultures place, we went to Ikuta shrine.My friend just broke up with her boyfriend. So, she had to come visit God of marriage. She also brought her book of red seal. Each shrine and temple has seal stamp which is collected in a book of read seal. It’s good way to keep memory of visited shrines and temples. 

The gate of shrine! Pokemon Go players came together. Isn’t it sacriligious ?

Only 2 days trip but it was carefree and memorable trip with my friend. I could find many good things ! This called maternity trip and now I’m ready to be a mom. 


Short trip to Kobe. (Part 1)

Last weekend I tripped to Kobe with my friend. I’m 7 month pregnancy and can’t walk around a lots. So, we choose a close beautiful city Kobe. 

Once we arrived at Motomuchi, Kobe, we headed to Parfait retrautant. 

This was one of our purposes of visit Kobe. Parfait with seasonable fruits was just amazing and way tasty. Not too many ice cream and whipped cream so it was healthy and not heavy. 

What we done on first day was only having parfait because we had sleep early for the next morning. We had simple risotto for dinner but just a little.

Next morning, we wake up early for breakfast. The hotel we stayed at serves No.1 breakfast for 4 years in raw  in Japan according to Trip advisor. Please check the hotel website. 

Piena Hotel KOBE

Entrance at Hotel

Gratin,Quiche,Pickles,Egg and etc. Gratin was so tasty ans not so oily😊

Japanese food area!

Breads🍞They imported ingredients from France. Croissant was the beat 🎉👯🎉

Soups. It was rich taste. Couldn’t believe soups for breakfast‼️

Veggies and fruits. I love watermelon💓

Lots of pastries 💖

All jams.

Our main purpose was this breakfast. I really enjoyed the quality and volume. The hotel’s room was average but their hospitality was 5 stars. I highly recommend you to try breakfast and the hotel. 


Write a new post in response to Drive !

Nice prompt ! My family got a new car recently and yesterday I drove for the first time. It’s a stealth car and smoothly accelerate. I love it !

Yesterday, I had a talk to my English teacher Debi and she asked me “Have you done anything for the first time recently?”My answer was a driving new car! And her first time event was also driving a car. Our conrversation is always blast!

I’m not good at packing and I really need to practice, If I can do it myself, I can take my family to anywhere, especially my kid. So now I’m trying to overcome it 😉


Since I’m pregnant, I’ve started to think about being parent. At the same time, I think about my parents. My mother passed away already and I don’t contact my father in certain reasons. There were many tradegies in my family and we couldn’t go through and support each other. In the end, it highlights our family problems and we couldn’t get back to like before. When I was 20’s, I thought it was all my parents’ fault. They should have made a good family and became good parents to my sister and me. But now, I don’t think like that. They didn’t work out as a wife and a husband and I thought it wasn’t good parents. Now I can realize that good parents doesn’t mean good spouses. I shouldn’t think about it all together. I have gratitude for them very much now.  I’m learning about a relationship with my husband. Honestly it’s hard! But there’s something meaningful to stay with him to me. He will be the best father and a great husband 😉


Write a new post in response to Nightmare !

Nightmare is seeing a dream about work to me and sometimes I feel deja vu. Especially when I am busy and have something worry in mind. My peronal life is occupied by work, however it’s over. I’ll be starting paid matanity leave and paid parental leave for 18 months.  I reconfirmed my company’s benefit package and it’s not bad.

Well, It’s been nightmare to hear tragedies on the news. Violence and Killing people are open-ended and that makes me gut-wrenching. Each people have life, family, hope and etc. I’m bitterly disappointed at recent tradedies and loss of people lives.



Write a new post in response to Storm !

In my brain, there is always storm. I probably think too much and it takes me time to collect my thought.  It’s good because my thought would become solid and it makes me stubburn sometimes. My brain is like Inside out movie, too. Since watched the movie, I see myself objectively. It’s fun to see “What I am doing and what I am thinking”, which I can understand my true thought. I’m sure that I make a wise decision by storm in my brain 😀


Write a new post in response to Cowardice !

My adorable niece is 3 year old 💓 She’s a chatterbox and tells me about her daily life without asking 😋 Just keep talking to me when we meet.

This lovely girl is a little cowardice. When she is told to pull toys together, she pretends “I’m busy!” and hides her hands. She has a older brother, he is 4. He always have to do that. He’s an organizer and doesn’t care about his sister. She has a nice brother.

I’m very looking froward to how my niece changes once she has a cousin👏🌟👏 Isn’t she gonna be a bossy ?

Before that, my family is going to get together in Aug and there are 5 kids around 2 to 4 year old. Watching how they communicate each other is also pleasure 😘