Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt  Tourist .

Trip is always fun and adventurous 😉 Tourist remained me of trip to Paris for. Honeymoon. My husband and I went see Moulin Rouge. We share a table with other people. Next to us was Australian couple. They didn’t go on honeymoon when they got married and finally they did after 20 years past. Thier honey was gorgeous. They triped around Erope and Canada. They were very excited ! We introduced each other. My husband didn’t understand English but still he could enjoy conversation with them. We had delicious dessert and  I told them my husband liked dessert and the wife said “I see, so you are as sweet as the dessert, too.” My husband perfectly understood what she said LOL

It was such a precious time with them. Thet time with them is the most memorable thing in Paris. I don’t know where they are in Australia but I really hope they are doing great.



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