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Being pregnant is awesome🌺 However, I also have many things to forbid Food and drinks‼️

A hardest part on food is that I can’t eat one of my favorite raw fish “Tuna” because of mercury containing fish.  Sometimes, I itch for Sushi 🍣 at a sushi boat. Tuna just pass before my eyes! It’s sad. Luckily I can eat another my favorite sushi Salmon💓 Thank you Salmon. 

I like coffee☕️ and of course I can’t drink it now because of caffeine. I sometimes drink decaf but it’s something missing taste. About alcohol, I sometimes drink non-alcohols-drinks and the taste is better than decaf and it’s more closer to authentic ones. 

It’s all for my baby and I hope my baby is doing well without any problems.  It’s a mother’s responsibility and I can’t be diminished 👏👯👏


One thought on “Forbidden

  1. Awww so sorry you are missing coffee and sushi. Those are wonderful and I know I would too. But just think, you can eat freely right now and really enjoy it knowing that you are feeding two! ✨💖✨

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