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Nice prompt ! My family got a new car recently and yesterday I drove for the first time. It’s a stealth car and smoothly accelerate. I love it !

Yesterday, I had a talk to my English teacher Debi and she asked me “Have you done anything for the first time recently?”My answer was a driving new car! And her first time event was also driving a car. Our conrversation is always blast!

I’m not good at packing and I really need to practice, If I can do it myself, I can take my family to anywhere, especially my kid. So now I’m trying to overcome it 😉


One thought on “Drive

  1. Driving a new car is so much fun!! And the kind you have is quiet and comfortable which is really awesome. Try practicing short runs to the store or places for quick pickups and you will be experienced at driving it in no time at all! Mommas drive their babies in the States everywhere–you can too!! ✨👯🌺✨


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