Since I’m pregnant, I’ve started to think about being parent. At the same time, I think about my parents. My mother passed away already and I don’t contact my father in certain reasons. There were many tradegies in my family and we couldn’t go through and support each other. In the end, it highlights our family problems and we couldn’t get back to like before. When I was 20’s, I thought it was all my parents’ fault. They should have made a good family and became good parents to my sister and me. But now, I don’t think like that. They didn’t work out as a wife and a husband and I thought it wasn’t good parents. Now I can realize that good parents doesn’t mean good spouses. I shouldn’t think about it all together. I have gratitude for them very much now.  I’m learning about a relationship with my husband. Honestly it’s hard! But there’s something meaningful to stay with him to me. He will be the best father and a great husband 😉


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