Short trip to Kobe. (Part 1)

Last weekend I tripped to Kobe with my friend. I’m 7 month pregnancy and can’t walk around a lots. So, we choose a close beautiful city Kobe. 

Once we arrived at Motomuchi, Kobe, we headed to Parfait retrautant. 

This was one of our purposes of visit Kobe. Parfait with seasonable fruits was just amazing and way tasty. Not too many ice cream and whipped cream so it was healthy and not heavy. 

What we done on first day was only having parfait because we had sleep early for the next morning. We had simple risotto for dinner but just a little.

Next morning, we wake up early for breakfast. The hotel we stayed at serves No.1 breakfast for 4 years in raw  in Japan according to Trip advisor. Please check the hotel website. 

Piena Hotel KOBE

Entrance at Hotel

Gratin,Quiche,Pickles,Egg and etc. Gratin was so tasty ans not so oily😊

Japanese food area!

Breads🍞They imported ingredients from France. Croissant was the beat 🎉👯🎉

Soups. It was rich taste. Couldn’t believe soups for breakfast‼️

Veggies and fruits. I love watermelon💓

Lots of pastries 💖

All jams.

Our main purpose was this breakfast. I really enjoyed the quality and volume. The hotel’s room was average but their hospitality was 5 stars. I highly recommend you to try breakfast and the hotel. 


One thought on “Short trip to Kobe. (Part 1)

  1. What a really fun thing to do with a friend! Go to the number one restaurant in Japan for breakfast! Lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. The display of food looked really yummy! Can’t wait to visit when I come to Japan! ✨🌺✨


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