Trip to Kobe (Part 2)

After breakfast, we went to Kitano where many foreigners used to live in. 40 historical houses still remains and they are designated as protected building. 

Starbucks is very cute.

This house was renovated to the hotel. This is one of famous hotels.

This is Ben’s house. Ben was british who loved hunting.

One a defect in this area is sloping road. It was hard for a maternity and it’s so inconvenient to live there even thought beautiful area. 
It still many foreigners live there. There are Muslim mosque, Church and synagogue. I went to there on Sunday so many people visited church. I heard several foreign languages and it’s multiple cultures. 

After experiencing multiple cultures place, we went to Ikuta shrine.My friend just broke up with her boyfriend. So, she had to come visit God of marriage. She also brought her book of red seal. Each shrine and temple has seal stamp which is collected in a book of read seal. It’s good way to keep memory of visited shrines and temples. 

The gate of shrine! Pokemon Go players came together. Isn’t it sacriligious ?

Only 2 days trip but it was carefree and memorable trip with my friend. I could find many good things ! This called maternity trip and now I’m ready to be a mom. 


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